Bitterfeld plant

Our subsidiary company MCW Bitterfeld GmbH not only has sufficient storage capacity but also has at its disposal production and mixing tanks. The Bitterfeld plant is BImSchG [Federal Emission Control Act] approved and can, among other things, store and process class 5.1 (e.g. sodium nitrite) and class 6.1 (dimethyl sulphate) substances.

For MCW, the logical step to expand the sulphuric acid mixing plant was the installation of a downstream filling plant for containers ranging from IBC right up to 30l canisters. We are thus able to provide our customers and partners with a full range of services. Additional intermediate transport is unnecessary and the risk of product contamination is avoided.

In addition to the main focus on sulphuric acid, our core products at the Bitterfeld plant include the following:

  • DMS
  • DDS
  • Urea solution
  • Sodium acetate solution
  • Soda solution
  • Sodium nitrite
  • Sodium nitrite solution
  • Citric acid solution
  • DEMI-water
  • Phosphoric/sulphuric acid
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